2020 UPDATE 

        Nicola Payne Murder Investigation - New Crime Programme

Filming & recording starts in January 2020 on a High Profile real time investigation into the unsolved murder of Nicola Payne

  • new information & evidence to be revealed for the first time

  • further searches of the local area expected 

  • Dedicated tip off phone line (strictest confidence) 

  • £100,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of nicola's body - not dependent on arrest or conviction 

Additionally there is a new High Profile Celebrity Endorsed Media Campaign running parallel to this investigation with the launch of another website on 9th January 2020 



Nicola was so much more than the 18 year old mother who disappeared in the fog on Saturday December the 14th in Coventry, there is a girl behind the headlines, a light went out in the world of the whole extended family, a beautiful soul was snatched away from everyone who loved her and she too was denied a life.

Nicola meant so much to so many people that they have shared their personal stories and memories for you to read. Please click the button below 


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