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"I never met Nikki but i imagine she would have been the crazy fun auntie. You can't put into words how upsetting it is to see your Dad and Grandparents so broken but it has made us one of the strongest family units"

—  Jade, Niece 



Nicola was so much more than the 18 year old mother who disappeared in the fog on Saturday December the 14th in Coventry, there is a girl behind the headlines, a light went out in the world of the whole extended family, a beautiful soul was snatched away from everyone who loved her and she too was denied a life.



The family have always needed answers but more than anything, they need Nicola home. If you know anything there are links on the site for you to Speak Up for Nic  in confidence if necessary; the family needs you and the message is simple

 Find Nicola Payne 

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